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Welcome to Similk Golf Course. The golf course can be found in the community of Anacortes in Skagit County which can be found in the American state of Washington, WA. The actual zip or post-code is 98221-8682. It is officially classified mainly because of its geographic position on this web page as public golf courses in Anacortes WA. Golfers with satellite navigation or global positioning technology, the gps latitude is 48.462316 and longitude is -122.570959.

This particular golf course or club is categorized under public golf courses In Washington. It is a widely used public or private golf club located in Washington having 18 holes and has been a favorite course for local golfers since 1988.

The resident club expert is named as Dick Freier who will be pleased to assist you some golf swing tips procedure.

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Golf Tee Times at Similk Golf Course, Anacortes, WA, Washington

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Chance of Rain
Tuesday 09/01/2015 40%
Chance of Rain
Considerable cloudiness with occasional rain showers. High 62F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 40%.
Chance of Rain
Wednesday 09/02/2015 50%
Chance of Rain
Overcast with rain showers at times. High 63F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.
Chance of Rain
Thursday 09/03/2015 60%
Chance of Rain
Rain showers in the morning with bright sunshine in the afternoon. High 64F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.
Partly Cloudy
Friday 09/04/2015 0%
Partly Cloudy
Some clouds in the morning will give way to mainly sunny skies for the afternoon. High 66F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.
Saturday 09/05/2015 0%
Sunny. High 68F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.
Sunday 09/06/2015 10%
Abundant sunshine. High 67F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.
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online tee times Washington: Similk Golf Course
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This is important information that relates to Similk Golf Anacortes Washington and offers information about its public or private status, the year established, holes on the course, the type of grass or turf used on the greens and fairways in addition to details in relation to distance markers, sand traps and water hazards.

We also point out footwear policies and provide details in relation to the golf pro that is teaching at the course.


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  • COURSE NAME: Similk Golf Course
  • LOCATION: Anacortes, Washington, WA
  • CLASSIFICATION: Public golf courses & golf club
  • FORMED: Golf course established since 1988
  • NUMBER OF HOLES: 18 holes
  • YARDAGE MARKERS: 150 yards only
  • GOLF PRO: Dick Freier
  • FOOTWEAR POLICY: Golf spikes and shoes permitted
  • FAIRWAYS: Winter rye grass
  • PUTTING GREEN GRASS TYPE: Poa annua grass
  • WATER OBSTACLES: Water obstacles, lakes or streams on or around golf course
  • SAND-BUNKERS: Approximately 1 to 10 sand traps
  • REAL ESTATE: No golf realty on golf course
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Best Public Golf Courses  Washington: Similk Golf Course
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Under this heading, you will find all the contact information you require for Similk Golf WA. You can also view a convenient map thanks to Google Maps locating the exact golf course situation in Anacortes, Skagit County. You can also zoom to read more or less data from the map. We have also provided the functionality to toggle the map parameters so as to reveal a overhead view of this course and by zooming closer you will appreciate the layout of the course. Drag the “streetview” icon on to an adjacent road to the course and you can get a peek of what it’s like.


Below, we are pleased to give you the precise location of Similk Golf Anacortes WA. Alternate between MAP and SATELLITE view and drag the orange man symbol to find out what this golf course looks like from nearby access roads in the Anacortes area.


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  • POSTAL ADDRESS: 12518 Christianson Rd Anacortes Washington 98221-8682
  • CITY: Anacortes
  • COUNTY: Skagit County
  • US STATE: Washington (WA)
  • POSTAL CODE: 98221-8682
  • TELEPHONE: (360) 293 3444
  • WEB-SITE: Not supplied. Webmasters and golf course owners, click here for advertising options. Get your golf website listed here and drive highly targeted visitors to your site.


Here is the gps data to find the golf club.
  • LATITUDE: 48.462316
  • LONGITUDE: -122.570959
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Washington tee times: Similk Golf Course
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It is relatively easy to get Similk Golf Course tee times. Make contact with clubhouse directly with the information listed above or why not try to get on line t times at this course or other golf clubs in Skagit County, Washington by completing our on-line booking form at the top of this page. The truth is, by making your tee time reservation online we could save your money by getting you special tee time on 1000s of courses in North America and Ireland.


  • CALL THE CLUB: (360) 293 3444
  • TEE TIME BOOKINGS: Tee-off times may be reserved by contacting the clubhouse. Click for more about Skagit County golf tee times.
  • EARLIEST TEE TIMES: Daily tee-off times available from 6am
  • DISCOUNTS: Special rates or discounts not known. Please contact golf course directly. More information:: booking tee times online.
  • CLUB RENTAL: Golf clubs and irons available for rental
  • PULLCARTS: $0-5 per player
  • PRACTICE FACILITIES: Golf putting aids & green, professional instruction available for golf swing tips
Similk Golf Course, Anacortes, WA Tee Times


  • FOOTWEAR: Golf spikes and shoes permitted
  • PATHS & COURSE ACCESS: No specifics paths, course access only
  • VISITORS: Visitors welcome


  • REFRESHMENTS: Cafeteria
  • BAR SERVICES: No bar facilities available
  • BAR OPENING HOURS: Bar & catering facilities open 6am
  • GOLF SHOP: Golf clubs and golfing equipment; golf shoes and clothing; Other golf products and accessories.
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Best Golf Courses In Washington: Similk Golf Course
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In this section, you should be able to see a video clip from Youtube that could relate to this Anacortes course. Please accept our apologies if it isn’t related. If it doesn’t relate to this golf club, please could you let us know via our contact page.


Generally speaking, we hope to show you a video “flyover” for this course. Flyovers are professionally arranged videos which show the relative area for every hole on Similk Golf Course. Sometimes, it’s even possible to make out other landmarks as well as variations in the landscape. In general, a flyover video should be able to give you a good idea of the club in respect of trees, sand bunkers, water obstacles and distances. Note, the flyovers have not been directly supplied by this golf club itself and that in some cases, there will not be any available videos.

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Tee Times at Similk Golf Course, Anacortes, WA

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